Helping to connect businesses with opportunities

We are a smaller firm that is agile and solution focused. Not only is our size a benefit, it allows us to maintain a flexibility and unique approach in a manner appropriate to match your market expansion goals. If you are planning to develop your business or expand your sales channel in different countries, our business matching services will assist you to identify and select the right partners that best suit your requirements. Backed by our extensive network across Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand & Timor Leste, we can perform customized search of suitable partners based on your specific needs.

3SYA SYNERGY provides high-quality market research across key industries in the ASEAN markets. Whether you are looking to start a new venture, expand an existing business into a particular market or looking for opportunities to invest in, we offers personalized market research services.

Leveraging on a deep understanding of ASEAN markets, political frameworks and business culture, as well as an extensive network and expertise in complex problem-solving, we play a key role in helping you to:

  • Find strategic partners to develop and expand your business 
  • Discover opportunities to generate value by acquiring or merging with a business
  • Seek investors for funding
  •  Reach manufacturers or suppliers to support the production chain
  • Acquire wholesalers, distributors or buyers to sell to your products

Through our business matching services, we help growing businesses to identify other businesses that offer a good strategic fit and assist them with acquisitions, mergers and alliances that allow them to maintain and build their competitive advantage.

Market Profiling & Strategic Analysis

We understand and appreciate that our clients’ needs are unique, requiring innovative solutions that lead to long-term market growth and expansion. We see ourselves more like friends and partners to our clients, which is perhaps one of the reasons we get the fantastic results.

We help you build the perfect business relations, putting our expertise to work through a sophisticated strategic analysis. We will cut straight to the key issues affecting your business and obtain a detailed snapshot of current perceptions. This process will help you with:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your chosen market: We examine your market in detail, identifying key factors such as volume, buying trends, competitors, and the current economic environment
  • In-depth profiling of your target consumers: We will research the key characteristics of your ideal customers, gathering data on important factors such as lifestyle choices, income levels, ethical outlook and engagement in certain advertising strategies
  •  Analysis of the competition: We will study your competitors, assessing their strengths and weakness compared to your own products or service, their market share, and use the data to find ways to make sure you are ahead of the game

We will evaluate your existing marketing strategy and positioning; identify problems and areas for improvement. We will then devise an effective strategy, keeping your goals in mind. We don’t just resolve any issues you might have, but also elevate your business to fantastic new heights.

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