President’s Message

3SYA SYNERGY Sdn Bhd is a growing company with 75 long years of combined management experience in global business matching and market research. We offer a bespoke service that rivals larger corporations whilst maintaining the approachability and intimacy of a smaller firm. 

With a diverse knowledge in strategic planning and project management, we takes our expertise and our passion for precision to a level our clients appreciate. We are committed to providing quality services, building long lasting relationships with you. Our personal attention and thorough knowledge of your project, is what sets us apart. Our vision helps inspire and we are able to create solutions for those around us. We take pride in our communities and the services we provide.

Finally, you will get the project done efficiently and cost effectively, lowering your distributor, partner and customer acquisition costs and achieving fast commercial results.

Eng. Mariano ASSANAMI Sabino Lopes

We hire innovative people who listen carefully, strive to reach their full potential, and help clients do the same. We focus every decision on achieving success for our clients, even if it means exploring uncommon alternatives and looking at the problem through multiple lenses. Best of all, our clients confirm that we have gotten this right. They tell us again and again that our culture and people are significant contributors to the success of their initiatives.

We understood early on that creating an organization to deliver breakthrough results requires a foundation of enduring values. So we recruited people with a common passion for solving problems for clients and built a culture based on five core values: client-focused delivery, leadership, openness, people growth and relationships.

These values have led us to approach each and every engagement with the best interests of the client in mind, versus simply the best interests of our business.

Siti Nursiha Binti Omar
Managing Director


Energy is at the heart of everything we do!

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the proper way – by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

We strive constantly to deliver on our goal of being a better and brigher future for our investors, suppliers, contractors, business partners, employees, customers and communities.

From our mission and vision to be high value company in global business and international affairs with world class standards of performance and ethical behaviors indicate how we promote trust, integrity, professionalism and teamwork.

We truly contribute our organization to sustainable philosophy, long term business relationship, environmental and social development to serve the needs to all.

Rywin Napassnonjaras (Aisha)
Chief Executive Officer
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In offering value for our clients time and money, 3SYA is ensured of a fully professional and integrated approach in implementing each project. We fully pledge our continuous effort in providing consultation, products and services of higher repute and technical excellence to our customers.


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